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B i o g r a p h y

Amanda Forest is a Canadian clarinetist residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Beginning her clarinet journey at the age of 12 in her 7-12 high school band program, she eventually attained both a Bachelor's in Music Education from Brandon University, and a Master's in Clarinet Performance from Western University.  Recently, Amanda was featured in the International Clarinet Association's Virtual ClarinetFest 2021 as a performing artist. She has also been involved with zFestival, the Toronto Creative Music Lab, and appeared as an alumni guest artist at the Brandon University Clarinet Festival in 2019.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda has been exploring audio recording and composing through improvisation. Many of the recordings from these processes are included on her Bandcamp.  Among the collection, her EP Bloodstone was noticed by  local music review website Bad Gardening Advice, where it was described as "extremely rare" and "extraterrestrial". 

Other interests Amanda has include Theatre, Storytelling, Animals and Video Games. Occasionally she will arrange covers of some of her favorite video game tunes and upload them on her youtube channel for anyone to listen.

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